Deeper Dive Into React - React course by JSer

Deeper Dive Into React is a course to fill the gap between knowing how to work with React and knowing how React works, which results from me digging into React internals for the last few years.

I’m not the creator or maintainer of React, I’m just a developer who loves to learn how things work. And I believe that actually helps me create easy-to-understand contents for you since we have similar mentality, our journey to understand React internals could be similar too.

Do you need this course ? Maybe not, you can still be a great developer without it.

But if you are curious about React internals or want be more confident in your React code, this course could be helpful.

The first module and quizzes are already available and free! It will take much more time for me to finish the rest but you can cheer me up by trying it out and giving me feedback.

Happy coding!

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