2022 Review and 2023 Plan for JSer

2022 for JSer

JSer Youtube Channel 🤗

JSer Youtube Channel has got >5K subscribers, it is not a big number but I feel content about it.

Thanks to everyone who watched my video!

I started this Youtube channel at about 3 years ago, in order to learn web development. I found it really helpful to learn something by explaining, if you have time and will I suggest you start your own channel as well, I’ll subscribe.

Blog: https://jser.dev 🤗

This is something out of my original plan but it went pretty well. There are 26 posts on it and they serve better purposes of explaining that Youtube videos. Sometime you hear me rambling about something, it is probabally I’m stuck or don’t know I’m talking about, writing it down into blog post forces me to understand things thouroughly.

Well it lacks the thinking process so please choose by your preference.

React Internals Deep Dive 🤗

This is the video series that I put most effort in, it is super helpful I learned a lot about React internals.

It is also one of the most popular series on my Youtube channel. I added 14 episodes and it now has 26 episodes. Not only it contains the commonly used components and APIs, it also covers some of the components and APIs that are not released yet.

Hope it helps you understand React better.

React Internals Visualizer 🤯

This is something I didn’t manage to accomplish. I don’t have much experience in visualization and the ideas is good but the implementation seems intimidating. I tried the first 3 episodes to create some prototype, but it is hard to move on.

I’ll pause it for now.

What I learned in 2022?

One thing I learned in 2022 is design the system before implementing. Before I just ran into coding and ditched the code if not good enough, well now since I write more and more back-end code, I started to create diagrams first, think about how data flows, how to track errors and how to test them.

With a through design spec, it is much easier to write code without bugs.

Songs I listened in 2022

I mostly listen to following Japanese artists.

Kirinji, RIP SLYME, bonobos, Nulbarich.

2023 Plan for JSer

React Internals Deep Dive

I’ll continue coming up with contents to explain React internals, possibly with some better ways of explaining, with more interativity.

SolidJS Internals

The most I look into React internals, the more chaotic I feel about React. I resonate more and more with the opinion that React Concurrent Mode is great but not necessary.

It is just too complex and might not benefit most of the web apps we are building. If it is about the APIs and syntax, we can implement it with some other ways. The core of concurrent mode is time slicing, which is hard to tell its usefulness.

That’s why I’ll look into the internals of other libraries. If you have better candiate than SolideJS, please let me know.

UI Component Series

There are videos in my Youtube channel about modals and tabs, I personally like them very much because it is fun to build resuable component, but is also very challenging to build them right especially when we have to take care of accessibilty.

In next year I’ll put more effort in building UI components, possibly look at some of the well-know design systems and try to implement the component with similar syntax by ourselves.

Docker / k8s

This is to go beyond Front-End development.

Why we cannot go faster than light?

This is to go beyond the Earth. This is a question that bothers me for months, I just couldn’t understand why, even after watching many Youtube videos that claim to be simple explanations.

I always find it fascinating to read things about physics and cosmos though I don’t know much of it. I believe there is one alogy that enlight my brain.

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