Deeper Dive Chrome Extension - Enhance is the source of truth to learn React, React team is putting a lot of effort in making the contents easy to understand and I love it!

It is reasonable for to not cover too many advanced topics about React internals since most of the time we are able to build great React apps even without knowing how React works under the hood.

But if you want to dive deeper into React internals, like I do, you probably have to search on the internet. And to be honest, it is sometimes hard to tell if the contents are valuable or not.

There is no better place to put valuable resources directly on, that’s why I created a Chrome Extension that enhances the pages by adding links to advanced topics.

Deeper Dive
Chrome Extension


With this extension, we can have quick access to advances topics directly from pages.

It’s Open Source! 🎉

The code could be found on deeper-dive@github.

You can create PRs to add more links or have better ideas of the extension!

Want to know more about how React works internally?
Check out my series - React Internals Deep Dive!

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